Access the carbon market (EUAs, EUAAs & CERs)

Risk management & investissements sur les marchés environnementaux

optimiser votre stratégie sur le marché des quotas d’émission CO2

A pragmatic response to your carbon challenges

Our experts help you optimise your risk management strategy in the CO2 emission allowance market

Securing your risk management policy

Securing your quota supplies and controlling your acquisition costs.

Sell your surplus quota

Optimise your cash flow by selling your quotas at the best price.

Diversify your investment portfolio

Access the EU-ETS market and tailor-made financial instruments.

Implement a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy

Implement a 360° strategy related to your CO2 issues thanks to the expertise of the Leyton Group.

About us

LEYTON is an international consulting firm with a presence in 13 countries that has been helping its clients achieve sustainable progress for 25 years by drawing on the expertise of its 2,000 employees in the fields of technological and environmental progress and energy transition.
Through its subsidiary LEYTON FINANCIAL SERVICES, which is part of the group’s Energy division, LEYTON is developing a new emissions trading business to help its clients meet their environmental challenges.
LEYTON FINANCIAL SERVICES is an investment firm duly authorised by the ACPR and the AMF on 8 April 2022 to provide carbon allowance execution services on behalf of third parties in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), on the organised cleared market and in OTC.
LEYTON FINANCIAL SERVICES also offers the investment advisory service necessary for your environmental transition and carbon neutrality.
As a member of the ICE and EEX platforms, LEYTON FINANCIAL SERVICES gives you access to the European Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS).

négociation de quotas d'emission CO2

Risk management and investment in environmental markets

Simplifying, financing, and accelerating your low carbon strategy

Thanks to the LEYTON Group’s extensive professional network and business relationships with leading European operators, LEYTON FINANCIAL SERVICES can provide you with a comprehensive and qualitative offer on environmental services at any time to reduce your risks and optimise your investments in the carbon market.

négociation de quotas d’émission CO2

Gestion de risques et investissements sur les marchés environnementaux

With Leyton Financial Services, optimise your carbon strategy

Turning obligations into opportunities